Upcoming Tractors in India 2024: A Comprehensive Guide

Upcoming Tractors in India 2024: A Comprehensive Guide


Are you a farmer or an agricultural enthusiast eagerly waiting for the latest advancements in tractor technology? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the upcoming tractor models set to revolutionize the Indian agricultural landscape in 2024. These tractors, developed by leading brands like Mahindra, Swaraj Division, Sonalika, Powertrac, and Farmtrac, boast new-age engine technology and advanced features designed to enhance performance and efficiency.

The Importance of Upcoming Tractors

Tractors are an indispensable tool in modern agriculture, enabling farmers to carry out various tasks efficiently. Upcoming tractors in India are highly anticipated as they offer improved engine technology, enhanced fuel efficiency, and advanced features that make them more versatile and productive. From medium-duty to heavy-duty models, these tractors cater to a wide range of farming needs.

Upcoming Tractors

Upcoming Tractor Price List 2024

Here, we present a list of upcoming tractors in India for 2024, along with their respective horsepower (HP) and estimated prices:

Upcoming Tractor ModelsTractor HPUpcoming Tractors Price
Farmtrac 360047 HPRs. 7.06-7.28 lac*
Solis 6524 S65 HPRs. 10.50-11.42 lac*
VST 4511 Pro 2WD45 HPRs. 6.80-7.15 lac*
Swaraj Target 62525 HPRs. 5.05-5.24 lac*
Powertrac 43737 HPRs. 5.60-5.86 lac*
Sonalika Sikander DI 50 DLX52 HPRs. 7.45-7.75 lac*

Please note that these prices are estimated and may vary depending on additional features and customization options.

Advancements in Upcoming Tractors

Engine Technology

The upcoming tractors are equipped with new-age engine technology, such as electric and compressed natural gas (CNG) engines. These advanced engines offer improved fuel efficiency, reduced emissions, and lower operating costs. Farmers can expect significant savings on fuel expenses, making these tractors environmentally friendly and economically viable.

Advanced Features

The upcoming tractors boast a range of advanced features that enhance their performance and usability. Some notable features include power steering, all-wheel drive, fully covered cabins for operator comfort and safety, roll-over bars, electronic brakes, and user-friendly applications. These features not only improve productivity but also make operating the tractors easier and safer.


Modern tractors need to be versatile to meet the diverse needs of farmers. The upcoming tractors in India offer versatility through their compatibility with various implements and attachments. They can efficiently handle tasks like ploughing, tilling, sowing, harvesting, and transporting, making them a one-stop solution for all farming operations.

Farmtrac 3600

The Farmtrac 3600 is a highly anticipated upcoming tractor model with 47 HP. It is designed to deliver excellent performance and reliability. With a lifting capacity of 1800 kg, this tractor is suitable for a wide range of farming tasks. The estimated price range for the Farmtrac 3600 is Rs. 7.06-7.28 lac*.

Solis 6524 S

The Solis 6524 S is a powerful upcoming tractor with 65 HP. It offers exceptional performance and durability, making it ideal for heavy-duty applications. The estimated price range for the Solis 6524 S is Rs. 10.50-11.42 lac*.

VST 4511 Pro 2WD

The VST 4511 Pro 2WD is a compact and efficient upcoming tractor with 45 HP. It is suitable for small to medium-sized farms and offers excellent maneuverability. The estimated price range for the VST 4511 Pro 2WD is Rs. 6.80-7.15 lac*.

Swaraj Target 625

The Swaraj Target 625 is a compact upcoming tractor with 25 HP. It is designed for small-scale farming operations and offers ease of use and affordability. The estimated price range for the Swaraj Target 625 is Rs. 5.05-5.24 lac*.

Powertrac 437

The Powertrac 437 is a versatile upcoming tractor with 37 HP. It offers a perfect balance of power and efficiency, making it suitable for a wide range of agricultural tasks. The estimated price range for the Powertrac 437 is Rs. 5.60-5.86 lac*.

Sonalika Sikander DI 50 DLX

The Sonalika Sikander DI 50 DLX is a robust upcoming tractor with 52 HP. It is known for its reliability and superior performance, making it a popular choice among farmers. The estimated price range for the Sonalika Sikander DI 50 DLX is Rs. 7.45-7.75 lac*.

The Impact of Upcoming Tractors on Indian Agriculture

The introduction of these upcoming tractors is expected to have a significant impact on Indian agriculture. Farmers will benefit from improved efficiency, reduced fuel consumption, and enhanced productivity. The advanced features of these tractors will enable farmers to optimize their farming operations, leading to higher crop yields and increased profitability.


With the upcoming tractors set to launch in India in 2024, farmers can look forward to a new era of advanced technology and increased productivity. These tractors, with their innovative engine technology and advanced features, are designed to meet the diverse needs of modern agriculture. Stay tuned for updates on the launch dates and availability of these upcoming tractors, as they promise to revolutionize the way farming is done in India.

*Prices mentioned are estimated and subject to change. Please refer to authorized dealers for accurate pricing.

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Additional Information: It is always recommended to consult authorized dealers for the latest information on upcoming tractors, including specifications, pricing, and availability.

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