TVS Apache RR 310 | TVS Apache RR 310 Price and Features

TVS Apache RR 310 | TVS Apache RR 310 Price and Features

TVS Apache RR 310, often hailed as the epitome of performance and style, has garnered immense popularity among bike enthusiasts in India. Its sleek design, powerful engine, and cutting-edge technology make it a top choice for riders seeking thrill and sophistication in their biking experience.

TVS Apache RR 310

History of TVS Apache RR 310

TVS Apache RR 310

The journey of TVS Apache RR 310 began with a vision to redefine the sports biking segment in India. Over the years, it has undergone significant transformations, incorporating advancements in design and performance to meet the evolving needs of riders.

Evolution of the bike over the years

Initially launched as the TVS Akula 310 concept, the bike made waves with its futuristic design and aerodynamic features. With each iteration, TVS refined its engineering, enhancing not only its speed and agility but also its overall appeal.


The TVS Apache RR 310 boasts an impressive array of features that set it apart from its competitors. From its robust engine to its state-of-the-art instrumentation, every aspect of the bike is meticulously crafted to deliver an unparalleled riding experience.


When it comes to performance, the TVS Apache RR 310 does not disappoint. Powered by a 312.2cc single-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine, it churns out a remarkable 34 PS of power and 27.3 Nm of torque, ensuring swift acceleration and seamless handling on the road.


TVS Apache RR 310

The design philosophy behind the TVS Apache RR 310 is a perfect blend of form and function. Its aggressive stance, sharp lines, and dynamic contours not only exude style but also enhance aerodynamics, allowing for greater stability at high speeds.


Equipped with cutting-edge technology, the TVS Apache RR 310 offers riders a host of innovative features for enhanced performance and convenience. From dual-channel ABS to ride-by-wire throttle control, every aspect of the bike is engineered to deliver precision and control.

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Riding Experience

TVS Apache RR 310

Riding the TVS Apache RR 310 is nothing short of exhilarating. Whether cruising through city streets or tackling winding highways, the bike’s responsive handling and agile maneuverability make every journey a thrilling adventure.


To ensure optimal performance and longevity, proper maintenance of the TVS Apache RR 310 is essential. Regular servicing, timely oil changes, and thorough inspections are imperative to keep the bike in peak condition.

Price and Availability

In terms of pricing, the TVS Apache RR 310 offers exceptional value for money, making it accessible to a wide range of riders. Moreover, its widespread availability across India ensures that enthusiasts can easily get their hands on this iconic bike.


While the TVS Apache RR 310 reigns supreme in its segment, it faces stiff competition from other bikes in the market. Models like the KTM RC 390 and Yamaha YZF-R3 pose formidable challenges, albeit with their own distinct features and strengths.

User Reviews

Feedback from users of the TVS Apache RR 310 has been overwhelmingly positive. Riders praise its performance, reliability, and overall riding experience, cementing its reputation as a leader in the sports biking category.

Pros and Cons

  • Powerful engine for thrilling acceleration
  • Stylish design that turns heads on the road
  • Advanced technology for enhanced performance and safety
  • Some riders may find the seating position uncomfortable for long rides
  • Limited aftermarket customization options compared to other models

Future Prospects

TVS Apache RR 310

As technology continues to evolve, the future looks bright for the TVS Apache RR 310. With ongoing innovation and refinement, we can expect to see even more exciting updates and improvements in the years to come.

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In conclusion, the TVS Apache RR 310 stands as a testament to TVS’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the world of sports biking. With its unparalleled performance, stylish design, and advanced technology, it continues to set the benchmark for bikes in India and beyond.

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  1. Is the TVS Apache RR 310 suitable for beginners?
    • While it offers impressive performance, novice riders may find its power and handling challenging initially.
  2. Does the bike come with a warranty?
    • Yes, TVS offers a standard warranty package for the Apache RR 310, providing peace of mind to buyers.
  3. Can I customize the bike to suit my preferences?
    • While options may be limited compared to some other models, there are aftermarket accessories available for personalization.
  4. What fuel efficiency can I expect from the TVS Apache RR 310?
    • The bike delivers competitive fuel efficiency for its class, offering a good balance between performance and economy.
  5. Is servicing and maintenance expensive for the TVS Apache RR 310?
    • Routine servicing costs are reasonable, but occasional maintenance tasks like parts replacement may incur additional expenses.

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