This 55-mile Mercedes AMG One Beg to Be Driven

This 55-mile Mercedes AMG One Beg to Be Driven

I am fully aware that cars are merely investments for certain wealthy people. That doesn’t lessen the annoyance, though, when you find a hypercar with exceptionally low mileage for sale. Driving a non-AMG One seems like such a waste, at least sometimes. How many street-legal vehicles with real Formula 1 engines are there, after all?

There is a limited supply of only 275 pieces of the ultimate Mercedes performance machine, so if you have deep enough funds, you may now get one. SBX Cars says it can ship the extremely rare hypercar abroad and has set up an auction. The end of the auction is April 25. The highest price as of this writing is $128,000, but in the next few days, it should easily reach seven figures.

It looks to be in perfect shape and has only been driven 55 kilometres. Because of the strict emissions rules, AMG has stated that it will never again use an F1 engine in a road-legal production vehicle. Because of this, the One is unique and won’t have a sequel, which should raise its resale value.

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The complex 1.6-litre V6 turbocharged engine caused the engineers a lot of issues because it required them to reduce the 5,000 rpm idle speed of an F1 engine to just 1,200 rpm. Just this issue added nine months to the development time. Remember that only a small percentage of AMG Ones will be driven—roughly 31,000 miles—before the 566-horsepower internal combustion engine needs to be repaired.

At the Nordschleife, the quickest production car always gets underway in electric mode. After about a minute, you can turn on the V6 that is attached to the carbon monocoque chassis. The catalytic converter reaches its ideal temperature in the interim. A switch to the left of the pedal box must be used to depressurize the fuel tank once you run out of gas.

How likely is it that the incoming buyer will drive it more than the outgoing one did? We believe them to be thin. Vehicles such as the AMG One are kept mostly indoors in climate-controlled garages for most of their lives. Buyers of these vehicles are concerned that every extra mile may reduce the car’s resale value. I hope I’m mistaken on this one.

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