Force Orchard 4×4
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Force Orchard 4x4

The Force Orchard 4x4 Mini tractors prove to be indispensable for small-scale agricultural endeavors, gardening pursuits, and landscaping ventures. Tailored to navigate through confined spaces with ease, such as backyard gardens, orchards, and nurseries, the Force Orchard Mini, Force Orchard DLX LT, and Force ORCHARD DELUXE Mini tractors adeptly handle a myriad of light-duty tasks, ranging from tilling and mowing to hauling and spraying.

Venture into the realm of AC cabin tractors with the Force Orchard 4x4, offering a haven of comfort conducive to prolonged operational hours. These tractors find their niche in expansive farming enterprises, encompassing activities like plowing, planting, harvesting, and towing hefty loads. The inclusion of an air-conditioned cabin ensures respite from harsh weather conditions, fostering productivity and operator well-being.

Embark on daunting terrains and heavy-duty tasks with the Force Orchard 4x4 4 WD tractors. Engineered to deliver unparalleled traction and stability, these tractors excel in demanding applications such as plowing, hauling, and navigating steep slopes. Widely utilized across expansive farms, hilly landscapes, and commercial agricultural domains, Force 4 WD tractors stand as stalwarts of reliability and efficiency.

Embrace the eco-friendly ethos with Force Orchard 4x4 Electric tractors, offering a sustainable alternative with minimal emissions and reduced noise levels. Ideal for fostering environmentally conscious farming practices, these tractors find utility in tasks such as soil preparation, seeding, and light hauling. Witness the burgeoning popularity of Force Electric tractors in urban farming initiatives, eco-friendly agricultural pursuits, and regions subject to stringent emissions regulations.

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No. Of Cylinder 3
HP Category 27 HP
Capacity CC 1947 CC
Engine Rated RPM 2200 RPM
Air Filter Dry Air Cleaner
Cooling System Water Cooled
Force ORCHARD DELUXE Transmission(GearBox)
Clutch Type Dry, dual clutch Plate
Transmission Type Easy shift Constant mesh
Gear Box 8 Forward + 4 Reverse
Battery 12 v 75 Ah
Alternator 14 V 23 Amps
Brake Type Fully Oil Immersed Multiplate Sealed Disc Brakes
Steering Type Mechanical
Force ORCHARD DELUXE Power Take Off
PTO Type Multi Speed PTO
PTO rpm 540/ 1000
Force ORCHARD DELUXE Fuel Capacity
Fuel Tank Capacity 29 litre
Force ORCHARD DELUXE Dimension and Weight
Weight 1460/1480 KG
Wheelbase 1590 MM
Overall Length 2840 MM
Tractor Width 1150 MM
Ground Clearance 235 MM
Force ORCHARD DELUXE Lifting Capacity(Hydraulics)
Lifting Capacity in Kg 1000 Kg
3 point Linkage Category 1
Front 5.00 X 15
Rear 8.3 x 24

Force Orchard 4×4

  • 2023
  • Force - Tractors
  • Orchard 30
  • Request More Info
  • Year 2023
  • Model Orchard 30
  • Brands Force - Tractors
  • Drivetrain 4WD
  • Condition New
  • Transmission Manual
  • Fuel Type Diesel
  • Interior Color Black
  • Exterior Color Blue and White

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